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Post by Wrecked Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:06 am

Please remember that this Message board is a completely public forum. The subjects of our dreams and objects of our desires are real people, too, with friends, families and Internet access.

We want this board to be a relaxed and friendly place for sharing pics and (not necessarily lecherous) thoughts. In order to keep it that way, messages which break the rules will be deleted, and anyone who persistently posts such messages may be banned from posting.

What rules, you ask? Well ...

1) General

a) The usual sort of forum rules apply here: no offensive material: no posting racist, sexist or any other -ist abuse, harrassment, rudeness and flaming, etc etc. And nothing libellous or illegal. No posting get-rich-quick schemes or other spam, and no lonely-hearts or other contact ads. You, and not the board management, are responsible for the content of the messages you post.

b) Stay on-topic, ie pics and discussion of adult male professional footballers.

There are also the following dos & don'ts specific to this messageboard:

2) Pictures

a) No pictures hotlinked from other websites, or other people's webspace, without permission: this is not only stealing their bandwidth but may cost them money if they are paying for that bandwidth. We no longer allow the upload of images with messages, so you must host your own pictures. There are plenty of free image hosting sites around (eg Photobucket, Imageshack): please upload your pictures to one of those for linking here.

b) No off-topic pictures. This board is about professional footballers: other celebs (and random blokes - including amateur players) in footy kit are off-topic.

c) No pictures (or links to pictures) of players under 16.

d) No pictures in which children feature prominently. Sorry this rules out a lot of cute pics of players with their families/fans, but that's the way it is. If you can, crop such pics or otherwise edit out the kids. If in doubt, ask in the Site stuff forum, or send a PM to board admin, moderator or a linesman, including a link rather than the actual photo.

e) No fakes (or links to them). We allow a bit of leeway with photoshopping for comic effect, but fake popouts or other fake nudie shots are not allowed. If you've got a photo you're not sure is authentic, ask in the Site stuff forum, posting a link rather than the actual photo.

f) No pornographic pics, or links to them.

g) No players' home sex-videos, images taken from them, or links to either.

h) If you're sharing a Hi-def or otherwise huge picture significantly wider than will fit on most screens, please post a smaller version, or a thumbnail, in your message as a link to the full-size version. Most of us don't have wall-wide monitors, and it's nice to see the image before saving it.

3) Comments

a) No comments of a sexual nature about players (or anyone else) under 18.

b) No speculation or rumour-spreading about the sexual orientation of players, or anyone else for that matter.

c) No obscene statements about what you (or anyone else) might want to do with or to a player. OK, you can say that you covet a player's ass (sorry, arse), likewise other bodily parts, but stop short of the sordid details. This is a public forum, and the owner of said arse (or whatever) may well read all about it.

d) Avoid excessive sexual references. As said above, this is a public forum, not a private messenger service (or a lavatory wall). Save the smutty stuff for emails or PMs to friends.

e) No fanfiction (erotic or otherwise), or links to it.

f) Don't slag off a player's appearance. If you've a deep urge to tell the world you think X is a minger, that Y doesn't do anything for you, that Z is over-rated... then please do so elsewhere: there are hundreds of places on the Net that thrive on those kind of comments but this is not one of them.

g) Don't assume that everyone will know the identity of the player you've posted. Please say who the player(s) are - unless of course the thread is devoted to the player in the pic. Board admin indexes the threads manually, and if subjects aren't clearly identified, they won't get indexed. (However, if it's a great pic but you've no idea who the person is, then of course you are free to post it.)

4) Posting etiquette

a) Don't start a new thread when there's a perfectly good one in existence. If there's already a thread devoted to the player about whom you're posting, that's where to post.

b) Don't start threads just for the sake of it, with neither pictures nor any comment of substance. If you want to start a thread on a specific player, kick-start it with some pictures. However, if you want to request pictures of a specific moment ("Anyone got caps of X stripping off & throwing his entire kit to the fans after Y match?") that's OK.

c) If you are posting several pics in the same thread at the same time, do put them in the same post rather than putting each pic in a separate post.

d) Don't bump threads. If you can't come up with a picture (or comment of substance) with which to revive an old thread, leave it alone.

e) Don't carry on private or semi-private chat on the board. Take it off-forum, into email or PM.

f) Don't quote earlier messages needlessly. In particular, do not just lazily hit the Quote button each time you reply, and thus include the entire content of the previous messages (sometimes the entire thread so far!). Edit the quoted text so that only the relevant extract is cited. And if you're replying to the previous post, using the Reply button is usually quite adequate.

Otherwise... post away!

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