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Alvaro Negredo

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Alvaro Negredo Empty Alvaro Negredo

Post by JoeHart1 Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:35 pm

Because everybody loves a beast!

Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_mx04c1U5A91qds9bko7_1280
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_myqj45ilJI1sm1ia1o1_500
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_myhbgcJdsl1sm1ia1o1_500
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_myr1vdTAca1roynbto1_500
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_myr1uuibHi1roynbto1_500
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_mygpj74UK21sm1ia1o1_500
Alvaro Negredo Tumblr_myglmrw6vo1ra8lppo1_400
Alvaro Negredo 995249_10153585011610455_934258608_n

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Alvaro Negredo Empty Re: Alvaro Negredo

Post by rruk01 Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:59 am

He is fit.. not normally my type but there is something about him.. he has an amazing arse


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